Why Join RacePace Coaching?

Do you need inspiration and motivation to get the training done for your selected goal?
Do you need a balanced and tailored training plan that takes into account your fitness, your goal and your schedule.

As a runner I first understand how hard it can be in today’s busy life to get your required training in.

What would I offer you to help you and guide you to your next goal.

  • Form, Fitness and Goal Setting Assessments designed to help you become more efficient and more injury resistant.
  • Weekly field sessions designed to build speed, stamina, endurance etc.
  • A fully tailored training plan that is structured yet flexible and will fit you and your life perfectly.
  • Your training plan is designed and uploaded in TrainingPeaks which is user friendly and easily accessible.
  • There are no limits in how much you can communicate with the coach.
  • Fees are kept at reasonable rates.

If you would like more info email on clint@racepace.co.za or click the contact us link to fill in the contact form.