RacePace Services

– Learn how to coach and what it means to be a coach
– Learn how to be coached and become more coachable
– Athlete Coaching, Training & Guidance
– Club Coaching/Consulting
– Form, Posture & Fitness Assessments and Injury Risk Profiles
– Athlete Form & Conditioning
– Track Athletics
– Running (Road, Cross Country and Trail)
– Kids run for fun
– Group Training
– Personal 1 on 1 Running Coaching
– Personal 1 on 1 Mental Strength Training

To find out where you fit in, contact me and set up a free consultation.

Contact me in the following ways:
– Send a mail to clint@racepace.co.za
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Benefits of training under the guidance of a coach: – Focused attention on your training will ensure that you remain motivated to continue.
– Knowledgeable insight into your physiology, bio-mechanics and Psychology.
– Your coach will remain abreast of the latest advances in exercise science and ensure that your training plan is adjusted accordingly.
– Your training plans and your progress is continuously assessed ensuring that your training always evolves and your progress will be measured.
– Your coach will guide you, motivate you and inspire you to keep working through the hardest sessions, the most disappointing performances and tough race and training decisions and laugh and cheer with you after every great and uplifting session.
– Your strength training plan will be managed by Fit.STRONG ElsabĂ© and be customized specifically for you.

At race pace we encourage our clients to value enjoyment as much as progress in their training. We look forward to guiding you to meet your health and fitness goals.