Setting running goals is the first step to creating a balanced and customized training plan, and that process is one that is best undertaken by the athlete and his or her coach together.

There are many factors that lead you to choosing a goal, a friends suggests a race, you see a race on Facebook, you have a desire to do a certain distance like  a marathon etc. There is nothing wrong with selecting a goal based on these things but what does affect you reaching it successfully is your timeline. 

RacePace Coaching will be doing talks on Goal Setting and how setting appropriate goals can set you on track to a more fulfilling life in running.

Clinton Hunter will be talking to you about goal setting, the pitfalls of setting inappropriate goals, and how managing timelines and expectations can lead to more successful running. He would also like to offer Goal Setting, Fitness Testing and Form and Posture Assessments for those runners that are interested.

Topics to be covered:

  • Purpose- What is the drive behind your goal selection?
  • Fitness – How fit are you now? How fast does your fitness progress?
  • Injury Risk – How easily do you pick up niggles? How easily do you get sick?
  • Schedule – How does your family life affect your training? How does your work affect your training?
  • Other – Weather, environment etc.

The cost of the talk is free

Do you need help with goal setting? Let us help you.
A one hour session will get you a sit down with the coach to chat about your goals, a fitness test and a form and posture assessment.

Cost for all of the above is R500

List of current talks coming up that you may be able to attend.

23rd October 2018
Venue: Randburg Harriers Club
Time: 18h30

For more info contact Clint on:
0824482879 (SMS/Whatsapp/Call)

If you would like us to come and talk at your club/shop/running group etc. Please also send me an email/call (info above) or go to our booking page and send us a message to book.