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Training your Mind

Training your mind is as important as training your body, having strong robust mind will help you get through those difficult workouts.

Here is Tip No.1 on Training the mind. Think while you run, be conscious of every stride, every breath and every movement, feel your run, take in all the sounds and smells, concentrate and focus on your body, on how it is moving and reacting to the environment around you.Read More....

Excerpts from this Article:

"Use a training log for two purposes:

1) Schedule your training, your brain accepts the hard work much easier if it is prepared for it and you are much more likely to avoid over training or under training if you follow a schedule.

2) Log your training when you are done, this way you can see what you have done and be motivated to keep working hard especially when you see weekly or monthly improvements."

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Benefits of training under the guidance of a coach: - Focused attention on your training will ensure that you remain motivated to continue.
- Knowledgeable insight into your physiology and bio-mechanics.
- Your coach will remain abreast of the latest advances in exercise science and ensure that your training plan is adjusted accordingly.
- Your training plans and your progress is continuously assessed ensuring that your training always evolves and your progress will be measured.
- Your strength training can be structured in such a way that you do not need any specialised equipment to carry out the exercises. You therefore do not specifically need a gym membership. If you do have a gym membership, this can be incorporated into your specific training plan.

At race pace we encourage our clients to value enjoyment as much as progress in their training. We look forward to guiding you to meet your health and fitness goals. 

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